Scooter gets a new tire

Riding home from work I ended up with a flat tire. After calling around I found someone to give me a ride home to get the air pump.  I was able to get the tire aired up and it held out until I was close enough to push the Elite home.  I got online and found out the procedure for removing the rear wheel.  After removing the plastics which is only held on by 2 bolts. I had to remove the exhaust which was another 5 bolts.   I guess I’m glad that I purchased the impact drill because it took off the final nut holding the wheel on with ease.  A quick trip to Scenic City Scooters on my lunch break I had a new tire and inner tube installed.   I watched a few YouTube videos of people changing the tire themselves and decided that it was worth the $10 buck or so to have the shop put the new tire on.  When I got home after work it took me about 30 mins to get everything put back together.